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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  February 25, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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take a look at storm team 4 radar. e snow and rain you see to our south is headed our way, and could bring us snow by the morning rus hour. could a law legalizing marijua in the district of columb be put on hold? the meeting taking place right now to sort throu the wishes of lawmakers on capitol hill. and a deferraling story. the arrest of a high-ranking ste departmt employee. up a sting operation to nab a suspected child predator. you're watching "news4 midday i'm barbara harrison. > and schools close bawd of a latest winter storm as colder air plunges southward delivering ice and snow and already a tough
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week for parts of texas. monday and ice storm knocked out power to thousands of homes, caused hundreds of traffic accides and prompted more than 1,500 flight cancellation there's. u can see the storm on radar right now. it's still a long way frt could cause us problems tomo morning. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck be is in the weather center with the latest on the timing for the storm. good morning. good morning, barbara. winter weather advisories go into effect late this evening for southern maryland, northern neck of virginia fredericksburg d points sou of us. those advisories may be expanded up to include pards of the metro area. watching thi carefully. for now though cloudy and still cold outside. there's the advisories that include st. mary's county spotsal vaini county. no advisories as of yet here in the metro area. periods of snow arriving between 2:00 and 5:00 tomorrow morning. pre-dawn and more snow farther south of the d.c. metro. that doesn't mean we couldn't e snow here in town.
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could get one to maybe much as two inches of snow in and around washington. one to two maybe four inches down to the south. again, where advisories are for now. wh all the snow is say cross parts of little rock, arkansas shrevepo louisiana, all the cold air and moisture coming in our direction. for now temperatures just above the free mark. chilly today. temperatur up into the upper 30s, near 40 for a brief time this afternoon and drop down below freezing this evening. the reason snow chances are on the up and up for tomorrow. before i see you next detail snowfa amoun carefully. chuck, thank you. > we're staying on top of a develo story now and learni how a state depard accused of trying to h sex with a minor. news 4 megan mcgrath live at the fairfax county detention center wi more on the undercover operatio megan what can you tell us? >> reporte daniel rosen curreny in police custody in washin that's where he was arrested at his home in northwest.
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but when she extradited he'll be brought here to the fairfax county adult detention center of where he will fise a charge of trying to elicit sex with a minor. police list dl rosen's job as director of counterterrori for the state department. he was arrested without incident on tuesday afternoon. now, we visited the fairfax county child exploitation unit this mornin this is the unit responsible for the undercover work in this case. d this is the video you see of their offices. we're told that one of the detect with the unit first had contact with rosen several months ago online. gue with the undercov detective was on and off, not daily, and continued until they had enough evidence to move in and make an arrest. the commander of the child exploi unit says the scenario tha played out was very similar to what happens i. >> this case played out as a typical case. where ultimately in these cases our detectives are pretending to
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be little boys and girls, or te they allo to talk about they want to teach the kid to do. and once that become as violatio beyond a reasonable doubt you know somebody doing resear for a college paper or somethg like that then we go ahead and do what we can to make the arrest. that's what ha >> repor now in a statement issued by the state department on tuesday, a spokesperson says the department is aware that an employ has been arrested and charged, but because of personl and privacy issues they cannot identify that their security clearan will be suspend and put on admini leave pending the outcome of a judicial proceedi. reg live in fairfax, megan
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mcgrath news 4. >> thank you. right now the mayor, the d.c. council, and several city leaders are in washington working to determine what to do about the law that legalizes pot. the measure is set to take effect at one minute after midnight tonigh that happens, the house oversight com says the mayor could go to jail. some members of congress roomed against d.c using any money to enforce the law, causing these irishs now. we'll break down what the law means for you coming up in the next half hour and let you know on all platforms as soon as the this just in -- montgome county police tell us they arrest add man for the murder of a 95-year-old man inside a senior living facility. 60-year-ol eric dyson killed 95-year-d dan long belvin. was found dead in his apartmt at the randolph village compl in silver spring. say the two men were neighbor the secreta of homeland securi made a big pitch this morning to get lawmakers to fund
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before the money runs out. following that from the live desk. angie? >> hi barbara. yes. frustrat s jeh johnson turning to the private sector to on lawmakers pointing out what's at stake if a deal isn't reached by friday is pretty big. >> in these challenging t about te isil al qaeda in the arabian peninsa a so forth, we're e midst of harsh weather, it is even absurd to be having this conversaon is even absurd td a very very large part of my workw paying o >> repor bec he says if the shutdown happens about 30,000 will be furloughed. up to 80% have to work without pay starting saturday.
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contracts won be paid and disast relief halting and the list goes on. despite the threat, johnson will remain optimistic that a deal will be reached. we'll see. barbara? >> thanks angie. in the past hour we have also hea from speaker of the house john boehner on funding for the department of homeland security.d in just a few minutes we'll have more on where both sides of this debate stand at this hour. and new this morning, we're workin find out the conditn of a man shot bike a charles county sheriff's deputy. the shooting happened just before 11:30 last night at a home on waldorf saying deputy responded to a call about a man threatg a woman with a gun. when the man walked outside an officer shot him. investigs found the gun on the scene. next week is national telework week. launching a telehub sav to figure how much you could save working from home. on average, if you live in d.c. and telework save more than $14,000 a year.
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the most savings nationwide. pe who live in maryland can save more than $11,000 a year by telework so are you teleworking right now? i posted the results of this su obn my facebook page. search bd let know how much you save or think you save working from home. > today the supreme court is hearing a case that puts the hiring practic of a popular apparel sto in question. plus new information on ground planes. what southwest is doing get planes that were overdue for . and legalizing marijuana in the district of columbia. wh it means for people who live and work here. stay with us.
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today the supreme court is hearing an employment discri case involving a muslim woman and abercrombie & fitch. e woman shez was turned down for a job in 2008 because she showed up at her job interview wearina b headscarf. the case explores when an employer mus take steps to accommod the religious beliefs of a worker or a job applican abercromh since changed its policy on headscarfs and settling similar lawsuits elsewher ts mor we are hearing from the mother whose son was shot and killed along with american sniper chris kyle.
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a jury convicted eddie routh of murderg chris kyle and chad littlefid at a gun range in texas. chris kyle's autobiogr was turned into a hit movie "america ch littlefield waited to talk about their son to help their case. look out for us because we t because we didn't want to jeopardize e so now it we wantno talk about our prec >> littlefield's mother says during a change of venue request, they had to remind the court that two people were killed that night. not many people knew their son chad and she says that george zimmerman will not be going back to court for killing trayvo thr years ago. the u.s. just it department now says there's not justify
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eviden to sue him in a civil rights case. attorney eric holder said the department was considerg civil charges after the killing happened in 2012. zimmerman was found not guilt any a criminal case unique rs ago. > n showing his next move. why the speaker of the house is in a wait and see mode as a deadli approaches th could end with 30,000 government workers furloughed. > plus the record-breaking snow in the boston area hits a whole new level, and one man and i'm storm team 4 meteort chuck bell. a little sno sti on the ground in northwest washington and a little bit more snow on the way, but just to get your thursd morning started. an updated snow forecast map coming u
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right now crews at southweso complete overdue safety inspections on its planes. the airline made a deal with the faa to keep some planes in the air whe it finishes up this work. ne 4 richard jordan is here with what the problems are. richard, whas going on? >> repor barbara, 128 planes grounded. th is 20% of the southwest fleet. resultin all of those cancels and delays over the past two days. southwest admits it did not inspect the rutter portions on
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those planes. the boeing 737's hydraulic system used to control the rut fer the main system fails was overlook. sot says when the lapse was realized federal regulators immed notified and the planes pulled. one southwest flight passenger whose fligh was cancelled this morning. a text at 2:00 p.m. saying my flight was cancelled. immediaty g on the phone. i knew everybody else would wake up and do the same thing and booked me on an earlier fligh. >> repor the faa agreed to allow southwest airlines to dplinting t planes that missed inspecti but the planes must be checked in the next five days. it's not the first time southwt failed to inspect planes. backn 2009 the airline was fine for overlooking cracks in the fuselage. it was a $7.5 million settlement that time. >> thank you, richard. > new today, take a look at this slid yoo showing nasa as knots
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venturing outside. a second walk in five days. ad wk scheduled for march 1st. a developing story. learning kidnappers of an americ missionary in nigeria are demanding a ransom of almost $300,000. the reve fill ib sorts sorties abduct at her work in nigeria. the kidnappers are probably crimins ratr tn terrorists because they only took sorter. the extremist group boko haram does not generally operate in that area. we have new information now on a story we first brought you on news 4 yesterday. just before this frightening exn at a home in new jersey gas crews responded to reports of a leak in that area. the blast was caught on this police dashcam. it disintegrated the home.
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decimated that is. hundreds los power in the cold and 15 people injured, including o are in critical condition this morning. 75 people in the area had been evacuate before the blast, as workers tried federal investigators say they are trying to determine why a pickup truck driver drove on to the tracks and abandoned this truck causing this train crash in the ntsb says the truck was not stuck or bottomed out. the 54-year-old driver found a mile from the crash site in oxnard california arrested on suspicn of hit and run. 30 people were hurt in yesterdas crash. at least four are in critical . let's get you caught up on this developing story on capitol hill. lawmakers he been using the depart of homeland security budget to leverage in a battle over immigration. now senat republicans a separati the two issues and taking vote. new objections fr both senate
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democrs a house republicans may stall that plan though. this comes as president obama heads to miami today for a town hall where he will press again for a solution. congress only has until friday and then homeland security money runs out. for more on what happens next joined by a political writer for nbc news. good mornin gg to you. >> house republicans just met and speaker john boehner had strong words afterwards for the republic senate. >> i don't know what the senate's cap of passing and until i see what they're going to pass no decision's been made on the house side. >> does that mean the house won't pass the clean bill? >> we didn't lea a lot from what john boehner said today, said it's up to the senate's a wait and see mode. boehner is facing a lot of pressu from inside his party. under no circumstances allow the presidens executive actions on immigratn to go forward.
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they say the strategy put forward by se republicans, by mitch mcconnell to separate and dhs funding a cave to the white hoe and this is a constitu cri and they have to address it. >> so could we see senate vote anytime soon? >> it is possible. most senate republicans seem to be in favor of mitch mcconnell's strategy to separate the two votes and hold two separate votes, but the way the senate works if a single senator objects to the plan g they can't stop but can slow down the process and some senate republicans ag up very vocally about this and could drag it into saturday or sunday. a lighter moment in politics. this exchange between hillary n and the woman intervie >> so i interviewed president obama last week and i'm very eager to interview another >> that's good.
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>> all right. people are finding all kinds of ways of asking her, is she going to run or not. was that one of the more clever ones? >> this i mean was a compel interview, that was done with hillary clint at this convenient in silicon valley. hillary n littered the speech with comments that seemed to be pointing towards a presid run, but for her a lot of people around her have been say, including terry mcaulie clo to the clintons what's the hurry? the republicans are fighting amongst themselves in the headlines is there a benefit to hillary n jumping in and having a big target on her back the minute she announces? >> a good point. we'll continue to watch. for the rest of the political news team check it out on firstrea marijuana will be legal in d.c. at this time tomorrow if everythi goe as planned. will and will not be aloud. plus the vatican doing control after the pope is accuses of
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breaking news for you now. part of m street is closed because of a building fire. we'll go straight to news 4's zachary kiesch joining us live from t scene. what's happening out there right now? >> barbara, heimeer at 31st and m street here in georgeto ste madden there. steve madden right next to michael kors and it is in flames. can see the fire ladders up
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there. an this is something that we're just trying to pug tote now. i was actually able to find and employee of steve madden. this is virgil. did you see when you walked into the office? how did this play out? >> i went into the basement. it was smoking. i went into the basement to check the furnace, we had a heating problem or something. there waes coming out. we got outside o were problems with heat in the past? >> in the past maybe a little smoke will come out of the furnace. got it fixed. i thought. what time did this all happen? what time is it now? happened around 9:50. >> down to the basement sme smoke, see flames. headed out. >> if i didn't see the flames we'd proba still be in will. >> r unbelievable. virgil employee at steve madden. street closed as far as we can see east here. hopes back up on wisconsin. the reporting live in northwest
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d.c. zachary kiesch news 4. >> thanks zach. and a showdown now over your right 20 smoke marijuana in the districtn yang tells us what you need to know for when the drug is set to become legal tonight marijua is set to become legal at one minute after midnight tonight provided the d.c. council goes forward with its plans. we're watching the back and forth closely. the house oversight committee says the mayor could go to jail if the law goes through. congress prohibited the d.c. council fro spending money on the law. so the council chose not to regula it saying that would let the law pass legally. now mayor muriel bowser says the city will defend the will of the people.e representativ responded, though saying even in this scenario s would be in "willful violation of the law." if it does go through, here's need to know about it. you can have up to 2 ounces of marijua and even grow it up
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200, up to sexx plants a share it as well. however, can not sell the drug to anyone or use it public at all. no public use and also still totally illegal on federal land which makes up more than a . right now police in paris are on alert after a drone was spotted flying over city planned mark ps what's being done to track down a mystery drone in a city already on edge. plus we to you about the snow arriving early tomorrow. should be quickly out of the area. storm team 4 meteorologi chuck be will bring us up to da
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right now the city of boston hit a big weather mileston more than 100 inches of snow havelen on boston this winter. y know boston has been pummel by several storms in recent weeks, and in a unique twist a man in northern massacs is now selling snow to people out of state. creating shipped snow. for $89 he'll pack up and ship you six pounds of snow. not sure anybody around here wants to buy any since we have more coming our way. i guess you could ship it. couldn't you? packed tightly enough? he estimates enough for 15 snowball wow. pretty good. yeah. plenty to sell up there.
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i know. >> we have our own. still have free snow outside for more. free to use snow coming on the way for tomorrow morning. doesn't look like a big storm but it's the timing of the snee that could impact your thursday commute rathe substantially. outside now it's becoming mostly cloud pip a little sunshine earlie now fading away behind a veil of clkoud cor promising to thicken thr the day. wake-up temperatures, on e cold side. believe it or not, another record low temperature fell at dulles airpo this morning, down to 6 degrees. that makes ten cold weather records this month alone at dulles airport. a crazy, cold month. weather impa on the remainder of your day, relatively low. the sunshine out there. temperat goi above the freezing mark. already 33 at national airport. a light breeze has windchills back nids. nowhere near as cold as the last co of days. upwards we go. upper 30s in the shenandoah
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valley. 42 in fredericksburg. up as much as 404, 41 degrees. and st. mary's county 41. late snow arriving late tonight. could get a couple inches of snow in time for the thursg commute tomorrow. advisori for now including st. mary's county in fredericksburg and areas down to the south all for this big weather storm that that snow in places like shrevepo louisiana, and little rock. you can get snow isn't louisian you can get it here. those are winter storm warnings in pink including charlotte, raleigh and tidewater parts of virginia. again, we don't have advisories in the metro yet. i ha funny feeling the weathee mig expand didn't to include the southern o area. snow rolling in 7:00 light to moderate snow just about
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everywhe. heavier amo down to the south hirchd the snow yeah another push of arctic air. hourly temperatures stay below freezi all day long. the updated forect map. a coating to as much as an inch across north maryland. heart of the metro, one to two-inch rain but southern maryla two to maybe four inches down across st. mary's county the north neck towards frederic and higher amounts the further south and east you go. out on our social media platfos now. here's yrforecast. nice today. above freezing. below freezing for much of the days on thursday friday and saturday. back up near 50 degrees by next monday but that comes with a chance for rain drops. >> thank you, chuck. right now we are learning that 51 water main breaks still need to be repaired in prince george's and montgomery counties. more than 200 water main breaks report during the recent cold snap that according to the
11:35 am
washingt sanitary commission. the wssc wants you to remind the breaks as soon as possible and warns the response time might be slower than normal. normal response time two to four hours. expect to be a little longer. new today, mores drone sightings in paris. for a second strait night, drones seen flying over landmarks there and has everyone on edge. we have more on the investn from paris. >> repor for the last two nights police spotted mystery drones over five landmark location over the amer embassy. then at the concorde the milita museum and finally over the bastille. police cout tell if it was one or multiple drones or who the controller was and couldn't bring one down. there have never been so many sightis two nights running. >> it can be used for surveilld they can be used in propaganda films. that's a real concern. in recent weeks
11:36 am
misery drones have buzzed the presid palace nuclear plants and in a country fearful of terroris after last month the attacks in paris that le and it's not just paris that's worried. last month in washington a drone flew above the white house and crashed into the lawn. >> the biggest risk in a drone is that you would pack it with explosiv. a detonating device and ride it into a large group of people. >> r paris is still on the highest security alert after more threats by islamists to target the city. the unexplained flight of drones is raising tensions further. police here are still guarding key sites on the ground seen near footage previously posted online. but they have failed to capture any of the drones. paris is looking to the skies who might be
11:37 am
watching flying and why. >> that was bill neely reportin polic in paris are taking drone sightsings very seasly. they set up a new aviation unit to deal with this potential threat. > r now a man is in critic condition after being shot in manassas. police were called to mcke and stone wall road around 10:00 last night and found an injured man who was sittin a car when he was shot. manassas city police believe the suspect may have driven away fr the scene in a white honda civic. keep out. that's the message canada is sending chris brown. why the singer is being forced cancel concerts and stay out of that country. > plus a musical comedy that has passed the test of time. why you need act quickly, though if you want to see "anyth
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singer chris brown says he isn't allowed in canada and is forcedo cancel two of his upcoming concerts. brown jailed nearly three months last year for violating probation getting an altercatn outsi a downtown d.c. hotel. that was back in 2013 that that happened he was on probation aft he attack his then girlfriend rihanna bef the 2009 grammy awards. a canadian immigration spokesman says brown can apply to return to that country at a later date.
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♪ looked on as something shocki anything >> that's "anything goes" playing at warner theater just two nights. joining us with why you won't want to miss seeing this classic musical. good morning. >> hi. >> good morning. how are ya? >> good to have you here. >> so glad to be here. >> it opens tonight? >> opens tonight. closes tomorrow night. i know. short and sweet. talk a lite about this. of course everybody recognizes th song. that is one, but a lot of great music in this. isn't there? >> yeah there is. all cole porter classic broadway musical. s songs like "friendship." "delovel "you're the top." a lot of songs people don't realize t they' know until they show up and are, hey i know all of this music. find themselves singing along. exactly. >> yes. i don't know about the washin audience until tonight, but tell us about dennis your part? you play moon face? >> yes. moon face martin gangster.
11:42 am
public enemy 13 and trying to become number one. more of a non-intimidate drives e get away car kind of gangster and it takes place on a ship? >> on the "s.s. american." driving a get away car -- >> on the ship trying to make a getaway. oh i see. tell us about your part. >> so i play erma. and it's funny. we said a lot in rehearsals everyone on the ship for a specif reason. from new york to london everyone has a reason to be there. erma's reason to have a good time. i follow my boy enemy number one onbard and ends not shows up.m stuck with this guy. public enemy 13. >> this show has been around a long time. i don't know when it first came out? '50s? >> earlier than that. 80 years. >> a long time. what keeps audiences coming back? wh do you think it is? >> at the core of the show it's about love relationships finding humor in everyday life
11:43 am
and i think everybody relates to that. those are themes that go on forever. exactly. pure escapism entertainment pap good time. a great way to get out of the cold and just enjoy yourselves. so much fun. yeah. of course back in the '40s and '30s tap dancing was popular. both tap dance in the show? i tap a little bit. but not much. we do have a great ensemble and they have about a ten-minute tap number towards the end of act one. incredib a huge tap number. the kind of musical you don't see ar much anymore. you forget whater happened outside of theater and just have a great time. >> sounds like a great time. tonight and tomorrow night. get there and see it if you want to see it. let me remind peoe this is at the warner theater. "anything goes" tonight and tomorr night and we thank you for coming in talking to us. >> thanks for having us. >> i'm sure you'll bring the house down. >> we hope. >> thanks for coming. thanks for having us. >> thank you. and we have important informn on an eating disord for you.
11:44 am
you may never have heard of this but it's something that can be treated. wel tell awe be it coming up. plus imagine wanting to rummage through the trash? meet a security analyst making a profit?
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. > new today, the vatican says pope francis did not intend to hurt the feeling of the mexican people. e pope wrote a private e-mail to a friend in argentina and in
11:47 am
it talked abouts e mexica of his native country in argentina from drug traffick"e vatican release add statemt saying the pope in no way wanted to detract against mexico's efforts to combat drug traffick th recently complained to the vatican about that. a potentially record-b broadcast is going on to benefit a d.c. museum. listen to joe madison on sirius station all day today. to be on the air 52 hours to raise money for the new smithsn african-amerin history museum. if he succeeds the broadcast would break a guinness world record. madison says this is all in honor of black history month. > and anorexia and bulimia are eating disorders most have heard of but there's an eating disord that affects twice as many people called binge eating disorder. here to talk about a recently approved medication to treat this condition. mornin i think most of us think of
11:48 am
binge eating as something most of us do. >> i think -- >> really it's a disorder? >> it's a disorder. there are times we all eat more than we should. christma thanksgiving that ah feeling. we're talking about a specific problem where people are at least once a week for three months or longer eating a ridiculo large quantity if food where they feel like there's a complete loss of control over their ability to stop themselve and do it secretiv feel guilty about it. it ends up disrupting people's lives. affect? how does it differ from bulimia and anorexia? >> with anorexia people are unt eating enough. the trick, distinction from bulimia. the difference is people will binge with bulimia, but with bulimia also do what we call compensa things purge, use laxati get rid of the calories. eating you're not doing that. having bingeing but not doing
11:49 am
ning to compensate to get rid of the calories. t do you think causes it? >> we don't know exactly the cause but we know 80% of people who have binge eating disorder have another psychiatric disorder oftentimes depression or anxiety. what i see in my practice is really for many just way to calm themselv down. so they're feeling emotionally out of control for some reason calm themselv but then once they start eating they cannot stop themselv. they'll go and have an entire box of cereal and then a whole pete sa pie, et cetera and, of course feel horrie about their behavior. most of these people seriouy are overweight? surprisingly a lot of them are typical weight. only 38% of them are overweight. someti what people will d birngs as a way to sort of t they eat the next day. >> a medication is approved to
11:50 am
treat this disorder? >> the first medication and only medicati fda approved to treat this condition called vivance, it's a medication around a while to treat adhd. we found with the study it decread the number of binge episodes fairly significantly. with the study think found on average in the study they had, people were bingeing five times per week. when they took this medication afr somewhat higher doses it brought it down to once or actual a little under one time per week. significy better than the pla seen oenchts seems to work well? seems to work well. we don't know how it's working. it might have something impulsivity. binge eating is a binge control proble having a tough time managi emotions and an impulse to eat and lose control. any oth treatments? quickly. the are. therapy and have been shown to be benefits from the antides like the seroton reuptake inhibitors.
11:51 am
theye not fda. this is the only fda approved. if you think you have a problem, see a doctor? >> absolutely and make sure you don't have another precondition well. >> good to see you. coming up turning trash into treasure. plus the latest snow forecast. when it's goi to arrive and how lo it's.
11:52 am
11:53 am
new information in that drug overdose bust at a connecticut
11:54 am
college over the weekend that ended up with 1 is1 people in the hospital. two of the four wesleyan univ students facing drug charges from maryland. this is zachary creper from bethesda and another from luthervi both wily to face charges after students overdosed on a bad batch of that party drug molly. as i mentioned, at a party last weekend. also just learning that both kramer and aga have been suspend fro the university. barbara. thanks angie. and we're staying on top of several oth developing stories right now. a high-ranking state department employ is in custody. he's being charged with solici a minor. police arrested daniel rosen at his home in the district. she a director of countert. will be moved to fairfax county where he faces charges. and president obama will be heading to miami soon for a town hall meeting on immigration. the event comes as lawmakers are in a bitter battle over
11:55 am
presidt obama's executive actions. th in-fighting could mean thousas of homeland security workers in our area would have to work without pay next week. check for updates on the fight over funding on news 4 at 4:00. you know the saying one man's trash is another man's treasur jer nbc's halle jackson intro us to a texas man who proves that poi diving. >> repor matt malone ends up in this position almost every night. it's worth it. what's the biggest payload hit in a dumpster? the one over here. servers. the day we visit malone's unloading $10,000 worth of computer equipment he discov down the street. a huge score for this security analyst by day, by night, in search of shopping centers and indust parks, a professional dumpster diver, who sells his finds online in austin pap city of start-ups where eastern the trash is high tech i. think somebody i they focused full time at it could make easily six
11:56 am
figures. so off we go on our nighttime dive to the first dumpst of the evening. malone hops out, checks it out but it's a bust. >> you never know what you're going to get. you go a dumpster roy, roy, roy. another one, whew-hoo! >> repor butter luck at the next stop scoring industrial lights pap few hundred bucks in a few minutes. by now nearly midnight. we check one mor whatever sees tips him over t edge. pay dirt. tasers hidden cameras, leather watches. all brand new. like a kid in a candy store? >> like going shopping without having to buy anything. at his warehouse, malone tallies up the hull. nearly nine grand worth of garbage i two hours. anybody who's ever went with me one time including my mother-i shocked at what we actually really throw away. we are a society of waste, waste, waste. new, new. new. to him, this isn't trash.
11:57 am
>> what's unuseful to somebody useful to somebody else. >> it's recycled refined. halle jackson, nbc news austin texas. >> i just would be worried an the rats that might jump out. >> fair enough. all the stuff he's keeping out landfill yeah. >> so we're talking about snow. what time? >> tomorrow morning. before you wake up tomorrow morning, a chance for some i coupelatg snow. not a big winter wallop but maybe enough to cause kathsal aces and delays. be up early with news 4ed it. first thing tomorrow tom here. watching i carefully. two to for inches of snow in southe maryland maybe and one to two around the metro ahead of what is another two or three days into the deep freeze around here. turn the corner back towards springti on sunday. that's march the 1st. so signs of spring are appearin d near 50 degrees on monday march 2nd. >> i forget that march -- february has so few days. >> right. we're getting into march
11:58 am
faster than i was expecting. all right by me. >> thanks a lot. and that's "news4 midday" for today, this wednesday. thank you for being with us and invite you to nun for news at 4:00 five 6:00 and tonight at 11:00. we'll be right back here tomorr morni at 11:00. hope you plan to join us. until then have a great day. hope the snow won't keep you from moving too fast tomorrow morning. wel see you then. . life's running out of shaving stuff. and thankfully being able to find backups. others. now, americans everywhere are discovering that... spoon after spoon... dish after dish... time, after time, after time again... deliciously creamy galbani ricotta inspires meals, and moments, that are simply better.
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mmm, galbani (sfx: kiss). italy's favorite cheese brand. now, america's number one ricotta. life's running out of shaving stuff. and thankfully being able to find backups.
12:00 pm
ope: i miss you, too. i can't wait to see you tomorrow. i will, i promise. i love you, too. see you tomorrow. >> aiden: was that my buddy? >> hope: she made me promise to say hi to you. >> aiden: aww. i talked to chase today, too. >> hope: how is he doing? >> aiden: he said they're having a great time. but i think they're both ready to come home. and for the first time this place really does feel like home. >> abigail: so, tell me, how's your first night going? >> rafe: he's doing great, that's how. >> abigail: hey. >> rafe: and you know what? victor was a genius to hire him. >> ben: somebody i know twisted his arm. >> abigail: i did not twist his arm. >> ben: i don'


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